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Hollywood icon Lauren Bacall spoke to Terry Gross in 1994 about her deep voice, falling in love with Humphrey Bogart and what became known as “the look,” when she’d have her chin down, looking up:

I was terribly nervous during To Have and Have Not, it was quite a terrifying experience for me. And I was this kid and I was scared to death of all these pros around me and really had almost no experience on the stage and certainly none in film.

I shook when [Director Howard] Hawks said “action” and there was quiet on the set and I’d start to walk into a scene. And then my head would shake and my hands would shake and I discovered if I kept my head down and looked up my head would not shake, so I started to do that when I could, when it was appropriate in a scene.

And that’s how “the look” came about, but it wasn’t that I had planned to have a look — it was just a way to keep my head steady. It was very important! It’s terrible to look at another actor when your head is shaking.

Bacall passed away Tuesday at the age of 89. 

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